Health News Network

Arogya Health News Network (HNN)

Arogya HNN is the first fully AI-based news curator. It gets its feeds from global news networks, NIH, CDC, and other healthcare authorities around the world – in real-time.

The AI engine filters, matches, discards using sophisticated algorithms to rate, rank, and provide you relevant information. The focal point being disease and other health-related happenings around the world.

Information that you can trust. Intelligence that you can use to 

  • Predict
  • Prevent
  • Protect
Healthcare News Network

Arogya Health News Network (HNN)



There is the news and more news. Social media. News agencies and other millions of sources. How do you know what is true and what is worth considering? Do you really have the time?

Arogya HNN consumes raw information, digests it, and uses its algorithms to provide sophisticated predictions with underlying confidence levels. 

You may think that this is one time – Absolutely not. It keeps track of highly-rated news events and follows them and changes its predictions – if required. 

Arogya HNN provides a visual of the health state of the world with “news information as to its basis”



Prediction is important. But what you need to prevent the predictions from coming true. Covid has shown us that we are unprepared.

Arogya HNN can provide you pathways that can help you prevent possible outcomes. 

What is amazing is the ability of the platform to Learn. Ingesting millions of news pieces every minute and running them through algorithms and past learning to provide measures that can be implied with confidence.



Sometimes we cannot prevent events from happening. But there are ways that we can protect people and societies. What works, what does not work, what is absolutely mandatory. What is the confidence level of these actions? 

Arogya HNN is one of its kind. Its cutting-edge Consensus AI technologies rate, rank, and provide confidence levels on all protection measures. 

No longer will decisions have to be made in isolation or without underlying information. 
Feedback mechanisms are also part of protection – increasing or decreasing effectiveness on a local and global scale.