Impact Analysis


Arogya Impact Analysis

Unsure if AI can help you as a healthcare provider or as a supplier. No worries!

Arogya Impact Analysis will help you create your hospital, clinic, or marketplace in a virtual world where you can simulate, understand and experience how the Arogya AI platform actually functions.

It is as real as it can get!

Arogya Impact Analysis


Simulate a Hospital

  • Create your hospital: rooms, beds departments, equipment. Add doctors, nurses, staff.
  • Add or remove departments and see how it affects the overall performance
  • The Virtual hospital is a digital twin of your existing hospital
  • Watch Arogya Impact Analysis generates scenarios, schedules, loads, and other activity 

Get insight into your hospital through this simulator.


Simulate a Vendor

  • Create your Business: stock it, price it
  • Add Logistics providers
  • Create discount schemes, offers
  • Connect it to hospitals in the Arogya Impact Analysis simulator network
  • See your orders come in. orders being handled automatically
  • Bots answering queries and handling real-time routing and other issues 

Get insight into your business


Simulate Patient

  • Use the patient generator to create all kinds of patients at intervals that match your hospital
  • Arogya Impact Analysis comes with a rich set of demographic data – age, gender, pre-existing conditions, events, illnesses etc.
  • Set filters, conditions and other criteria

Arogya Impact Analysis will use up inventory based on the simulation. Place orders and receive orders. 

In time – as the simulation runs through its steps. It will generate patterns of usage and assist you in making decisions in the real world.


.See and Interact
.AI in Action
.Information .Intelligence .Insight

Visually spell-binding interactive dashboards and explanations are part of the dashboard. 

Extrapolations into the future using past and current data will show you patterns, trends and projections helping you understand the real world through this simulation.

And when you are ready you can transform this simulation to the Arogya AI platform – in a few easy steps.