Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Arogya Inventory Manager

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Understand. Predict. Act.

Arogya Inventory Management brings all the benefits of AI to healthcare – enabling healthcare providers to be in control of their inventory 24/7/365.

Understand. Predict. Act.



Healthcare Inventory is massive complicated and demanding.

Understanding your inventory, its requirements, and its implications is tough, time-consuming, and costly.

Arogya AI for healthcare can help you understand your inventory and help you manage it like never before. 



  • What medical events are happening in your area, in the country, in the world?
  • How are these events affecting your inventory?
  • Do we have too much stock?
  • What should be our buffer levels?
  • Do we have the right buffer levels?
  • When do we need to order?  

Such and many other questions can be predicted using Arogya AI’s fully trained AI models.



Now that we have understood our inventory and predicted the “Optimum Levels”. It is time to act. With 1000’s items in your inventory, automated action will create further efficiencies in your inventory management.

Arogya BOTs will help you:

  • place orders
  • track orders
  • update stock
  • manage workflow end to end 

While keeping you informed and ready for every scenario.