Issues in Hospital Supply Chain

A 2018 Cardinal Health survey of operating room surgeons and hospital administrators found:

  • 69% of respondents had delayed an operating room procedure due to missing supplies.
  • 64% cited waste or overuse of supplies as a significant problem at their facility.
  • 27% had seen or heard of an expired product being used on a patient.
  • 23% had seen or heard of a patient harmed due to lack of supplies.

In Indonesia, most of hospital utilizing manual counting methods for their inventory. Too many supplies and not enough supplies are dual problems that can be solved with software systems utilizing predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

Utilizing data and advanced analytics,

provide trackable, traceable, and transparent supply chain platforms to our healthcare partners. Built by artificial intelligence (AI) experts from all around the world,

provides advanced analytic-based techniques to support and automate purchasing decisions through predictive, prescriptive, and preventive algorithm.

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