Arogya Marketplace

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Healthcare is constantly innovating. New drugs, equipment, and other consumables are constantly being added to the supply chain. Arogya Marketplace is designed with this fact in mind:

  • Automated
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Economic

Arogya Marketplace



Automating a constantly changing healthcare marketplace is not an easy undertaking.

Arogya Marketplace was built to be up to date. Able to scale and most importantly. Be Smart. 

Understanding usage patterns and finding out what is available and what is relevant is a task that Arogya Marketplace does very well. 

This comes from the rigorous testing of its underlying Models, which have been trained on some of the most robust proprietary algorithms.



Your Wishlist:

  • Inventory where you need it
  • Inventory when you need it
  • never running short
  • at the best price
  • of the highest quality
  • without compromises

We are aware that this is every healthcare provider’s wishlist. And that is what Arogya Marketplace is designed to deliver.



In Healthcare everything is mission-critical. 

Demanding levels of efficiencies in a highly time-sensitive setting. 

Arogya Marketplace is fine-tuned to provide you answers and solutions in real-time.

In fact, thanks to some of the fine-tuned algorithms it has some answers even before you can ask it. 



But how much will automation and effectiveness cost?

Really. Not Much.

Arogya Marketplace platform will expand as per your needs and requirements. 

From the smallest to the largest our services and subscriptions are priced to save… Let us just say.. Astronomical amounts. 

Try us out.