Order & Logistic

Arogya Order Manager

Automating Your Supply Chain

Arogya Inventory Manager has predicted what you need. Arogya Marketplace has identified and located the source. Now, it is time to order. Arogya Order manager and Logistics Manager  are AI based, full featured – automated service which picks up your order and completes it, add to the fact:

It is:

  • Transparent
  • Trackable
  • Traceable
  • Trusted

and all of this is mathematically provable.

Order & Logistic Mangement

Arogya Order Manager



Elegant active dashboards – color-coded, sectioned (information, alert, attention required) tell you the story and history of your transactions at a glance.

Ratings and other information related to your transactions will bring about transparency to levels you may never have thought possible.

Add to this fact that the system keeps on learning from every transaction, enhancing your experience with time. 



  • When was it shipped?
  • Who is handling it?
  • What state is it in?
  • and much more. 

Routing and tracking need not be complicated. Our AI platform selects the fastest, cheapest, most reliable provider on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

To make sure that you have what you ordered in the time it is required and at the place, it is required.



After all said and done, you need the history of every transaction in a way that helps your future decision-making and budgeting. Arogya Order manager uses state-of-the-art sophisticated algorithms to structure your data. 

Creating clusters and relations to give you beautiful graphics telling the story of all your transactions.

Tracing an inventory item from its origin to its current state need not be rocket science – We took care of that for you.



Healthcare inventory can make the difference between life and death. Service providers have to be reliable. It takes ages to build trust and reliability. 

Arogya AI platform uses Mathematics, Algorithms, and models to provide provable trust to all of the participants in the network. 

Trust no longer has to be guessed. It is precise, calculated, and changes to reflect real-world dynamics.